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We are very proud to bring you the MF GD digital low pressure gas meter.

Posted on: Monday, November 23, 2015

The MF-Low Pressure Series gas meters are designed for city gas metering where traditionally diaphragm gas meters dominate the market. The meters substantially reduce the metering loss due to temperature and pressure variations; reduce the installation cost as well as other logistical cost. In addition, the fully electronic meters provide easy data access as well as remote data networking capabilities.

The MFGD series gas flow meters are specially designed for gas mass flow applications. Based on MEMS flow sensing technology and control circuit technology, all electronic meters are powered by battery and offer a wide dynamic range whilst still maintaining high sensitivity, even at low flows for gas monitoring and measurement. The MEMS flow sensors provide direct mass flow capability without additional temperature and pressure  compensation. The sensors are packaged using the boundary layer technology that ensures a time-averaged velocity profile across the sensor.

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