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Gas Detection Commissioning for additional profit and after sales service.

Posted on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You may not be aware that all gas detection products should be serviced at least every 12 months. This could be an opportunity for you to offer this facility to your customers. You simply give us an order number, we carry out the necessary service and replace any items where needed, then invoice your accordingly. You can then invoice your customer with your appropriate percentage on top.

Please read on for the reasons of annual service.
Although the warrantee on our gas detection is 3 years, the following points are reasons for the above:

1) On a site visit, the complete system, including gas valves are tested. The site engineers use a specialized hand held diagnostic tool. Any adjustments to the sensors, if required, are done using this tool. It also provides the following information.
a) The anticipated life remaining on the sensor. This is a count back from 5 years which starts on the initial power up not the date of manufacture.
b) How many alarms have been picked up since the last visit
c) How many times the sensor has been powered up.
d) What the drift corrections have been
e) Clear air or ‘no gas’ readings and when calibrated test gas of a known concentration of methane in air gas is applied to the ‘gas’ reading.

A print out of all this information is then:
1) Left inside the sensor
2) Clipped to our paperwork
3) Clipped to the invoice for that visit The engineer also fills in a site report which contains,
a) The site address
b) The site contact
c) The date of test
d) Which controllers are used GS100M, GS300M or BX444M etc.
e) All serial numbers from both controllers and sensors
f)  Date of next test
g) Comments regarding the location of the sensor if not appropriate
h) Switch positions within the controller & any
Special considerations – special ladders/cherry picker required

Further information such as reaction time i.e. time taken for a sensor to alarm out after test gas is applied. The site is then added to our database with the invoiced company being the point of contact. Therefore the next time this test is due, our service team call to make an appointment. This will again only be to the company who have been invoiced, and in turn you could contact your customer.

To sum up, this test ensures a paper trail which then can be included in a Health & Safety audit. This is all in accordance with the requirements itemised in EN60079-29-2 Guidance for the selection, installation, use and maintenance of apparatus for the detection and measurement of combustible gases or oxygen.

Service not available in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Please feel free to call the Office on 02920 463345 or E - Mail on sales@heatcombustion.co.uk  if you need any other information or to book a commissioning visit.

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