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How To Maintain Your Heating System?

Posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How successful a heating system works is partly dependent on how well it is taken care of over a period of time. No matter what type of heating unit you have, whether it is a radiator, HVAC, heat pump, or a geo-thermal system that requires a water meter, the attention you pay to how well it works is a key to its efficiency.

At Heat and Combustion, we offer a full line of products that will keep your system in top condition for years. Our professionals can provide you with products designed with efficiency in mind. Regular maintenance, such as replacing dirty filters, checking for improper settings, or cleaning any blocked and dirty registers help make and keep a more efficient unit.

With more than 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we advise customers to be aware of anything that could be blocking the flow of free air through heating systems, making it work harder to produce heat. If the system requires a water flow meter, make sure it is working properly to help maintain proper heat settings and temperatures. Having the system inspected annually by a qualified HVAC professional who will check the settings and inspect ductwork and pipes for air leakage will also help.

You should also check and clean any outside units and condenser coils with a soft brush or vacuum to clean away dirt, leaves, dust, snow or debris. This is easily done by turning off the unit at the circuit breaker and removing the front or side panel.

With these simple maintenance tips, your heating system will run more efficiently regardless of its type. A little TLC and regular maintenance that includes monthly inspections, cleanings, seasonal maintenance and expert service from qualified professionals will keep systems in tip-top shape.

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