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CO2 monitors: industrial applications

Posted on: Thursday, August 02, 2012

Breathing in air is one of the most natural things you, as a human, do. You breathe in oxygen and then carbon dioxide is released as you exhale. But if your workplace has poor air quality, circulation and ventilation, there may be a build up of carbon dioxide in the air that you're breathing for eight or more hours a day. Using a co2 monitor can help alert you to a potential carbon dioxide problem before it's too late and someone suffers from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Workplaces that have a large number of employees, especially ones in manufacturing, are prone to having sick employees due to the aforementioned factors. Having carbon dioxide detection is important in taking measures to improve the air in the building so that employees stay productive by breathing in fresh, clean air. It will also impact their number of sick days since breathing healthy air will keep their bodies healthy.

Since carbon dioxide sensors can easily determine the approximate capacity of a room, they adjust the air conditioner accordingly, bettering the temperature and air at the same time. As it senses that the room needs fresh air, the co2 monitor "tells" the air conditioner what it needs to do. If an application has no direct need for measuring the temperature, then a simple monitor like the E Sense With Display is a sensible choice as it digitally displays the co2 levels. Other units can be used to adjust fan speeds in order to have proper ventilation. They can also be used to decrease or increase airflow as necessary.

Energy consumption can be cut up to 60 percent by using such units since they properly regulate the appliances. If there's too little ventilation, you'll save on energy, but make the building's occupants sick. Too much ventilation will simply waste your money. Users can achieve a good balance between their ventilation needs and energy efficiency.

A co2 monitor such as the Duomo Co2-MC is able to monitor the room temperature and humidity level in addition to the co2 level. It works in a variety of applications including the home and office. The ventilation system can be operated through it and it has an audible alarm that will sound, and change colour, when the co2 levels change.

Buying and installing co2 monitors is not cost prohibitive nor difficult to do. Many can be installed by yourself, or you can save time by having a skilled technician do it for you. The costs vary depending on the model, but it's a small price to pay to have a healthy work environment for you and your team.

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