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Motorised Valves and Theirs Uses in Domestic Settings

Posted on: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Motorised valves, which are also known as "MV's," are common pieces of equipment used in heating systems. They consist of an electric motor that works with the heating system to help power the system, and direct the flow of hot water, which thereby can help deliver heat to a home or office building. Think of motorised valves in terms of a vehicle. The engine powers the vehicle, just as the motor of a heating system does, but the vehicle also needs to have things like a battery and an alternator to ensure that the vehicle starts and can operate correctly.
Essentially, motorised valves play a similar supporting role in the case of a centralized heating system. To further illustrate the point of an MV, think of your home plumbing system, where the flow of water is controlled by turning valves on and off. If you want to shut off an outside faucet, you can manually turn off the pipe that goes to the outside. MVs are similar in their role in the home heating system, except that they take the manual aspect of out it, so that home heating system can run smoothly without human intervention.

Motorised valves are commonly used in both domestic and commercial settings. Technically speaking, they're used to communicate and work together with the heating unit's motor by first communicating with the heating unit's boiler or radiator circuits. Larger home heating units that have such features broken up often require more than one motorised valve. In fact, it's common for most home heating systems to require two motorised valves, as one is used for directing hot water and the other for the hot water cylinder.

MV's typically come in two main types: two-port and three-port, which have two and three pipe connections, respectively. However, the different MV options are aplenty. For instance, such options include butterfly valves, rotary shoe valves, lift and lay valves and ball valves. The different varieties of valves make it easy to find the right fit for your heating system, which eliminates a lot of maintenance and troubleshooting when a home system isn't working properly. Additionally, motorised valves won't break your pocket book, which is something that can't be said about a whole lot of parts and maintenance involved in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) field. Typically, you can purchase an MV for less than 50 pounds.

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