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Compact Heater Meter

Posted on: Monday, September 15, 2014

The new TEKSAN mechanical heat meter comes complete with a fully electronic calculator, pocket and sensor leads. With a 10 year battery life & suitable for tempuratures up to 90oC, the unit is available in 15mm & 20mm line sizes, complete with pulse or M-Bus outputs.

HM15 / PULSED DN15 NOM 1.5 M3/h MAX 3 M3/h
HM20 / PULSED DN20 NOM 2.5 M3/h MAX 5 M3/h
HM15 / M-BUS DN15 NOM 1.5 M3/h MAX 3 M3/h
HM20 / M-BUS DN20 NOM 2.5 M3/h MAX 5 M3/


With zelsius you have acquired one of the most up-to-date, modern heat meters currently available on the market. Expressive symbols in the display and easy menu navigation make readout simple. It can be operated with one single button. The meter is equipped with a long-life battery made for operation during the initial verification validity period (5 years) including a reserve of at least another year.

C2 3/4" Qp0.6 NOM 0.024 MAX 1.2 M3/h
C2 3/4" Qp1.5 NOM 0.06 MAX 3 M3/h
C2 1" Qp0.10 NOM 0.10 MAX 5 M3/h


The KKHC-2K is battery operated and available as a 13mm, 20mm, 25mm & 30mm water meter complete with combined built in energy meter incuding pulsed output.

KHC-2K 13mm MIN 0.15 M3/h MAX 2.0 M3/h
KHC-2K 15mm MIN 0.25 M3/h MAX 2.5 M3/h
KHC-2K 25mm MIN 0.3 M3/h MAX 3.5 M3/h
KHC-2K 32mm MIN 0.4 M3/h MAX 5.0 M3/h

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