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Bringing you the AX-WAC 3 Channel window Controller.

Posted on: Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Axio AX-WAC is a three channel window controller providing timed forward / reverse outputs to open close 2 wire DC window actuators. Each output can be driven from a separate 0-10 volt input, or grouped as described below, including a linear option. Cycle times from 5 to 240 seconds can be set or the window opening time can be measured. A ‘Close All’ input is provided to drive all windows closed overriding the control inputs.

The AX-WAC is supplied in a DIN rail carrier as standard suitable for mounting on TS35 section DIN rail. The module features high quality rising clamp terminals for ease of connection.

Control Supply Voltage 24Vdc ±15%, 90mA Inputs 3 control input, 0-10, 2-10 or 0-5 volts, 2mA maximum.
Close All input, volt free contact, 0.5mA maximum Actuator supply voltage, 12-24Vdc as required by actuators

Menu Options Input range: 0-5, 2-10 or 0-10 volt Cycle time: 5 to 240 seconds 
Control mode: Independent, linear Output step count: 10, 25, 50, 100 Output switching: Synchronous, staggered Output reset time: 5 to 600%

Outputs 3 Forward/Reverse actuator outputs protected by self resetting fuses. Maximum 5A each output, total maximum 15A. (Resistive) 

Dimensions 102(W) x 83(H) x 48(D) mm (Maximum)


● Independent, grouped or linear modes
● 0-5,2-10 or 0-10 volt input range selection
● Selectable output step count
● Selectable reset options



● 3 independent forward/reverse outputs
● 5 to 240 second cycle time ranges
● Close all input to close all windows
● Staggered actuator switching available


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