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Bringing you the HC-REF-V1 V2.0 commissioning tool.

Posted on: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Axio AX-REF-VI V2-0 provides an 0-10Vdc and a 0-20mA output in a switch selectable
range. The unit is powered by a 24Vac plug - top PSU which is included with the module. A
24Vac fused output is also provided.
The module can be used to test various applications including valve actuators on a test
bench prior to installation.


Supply Voltage    230Vac 50Hz ( +/- 15% )
Output 0-10v       0 - 10.0v in 1.0v steps @ max 10mA
                              Accuracy @ 10.0v +/- 10%
                              Accuracy 1.0v to 9.0v +/- 2%
Output 0-20mA   0.0 to 2.0mA steps into 1kohm Max
                              Accuracy @ 20.0mA +/- 10%
                              Accuracy 2.0v to 18.0mA +/- 2%
Output 24Vac     24Vac fused internally @ 500mA
Terminals            4mm binding posts
Ambient Temp    0°C to 40°C
Dimensions        130 ( W ) x 75 ( H ) x 32 ( D )
Housing               Moulded ABS
Weight                 Reference unit 140gms
Made in the United Kingdom


The 24Vac output is fused internally @ 500mA. To replace the fuse, remove the cover on the rear of the module. Only replace the same rating fuse. Both 0v connections are internally connected.


0 - 10.0Vdc output in 10.0 steps.
0.0 - 20.0mA output in 2.0mA steps.
24Vac fused output provided.
230Vac Plug top supply included.
Only for use with provided power supply.

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