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Bringing you the GS920 LPG Gas Sensor.

Posted on: Thursday, June 25, 2015

The GS920 is a methane or LPG sensor with an integrated seismic detector that will shut off a gas valve in the event of seismic activity making it an ideal sensor in areas prone to earthquakes. With a built-in relay the GS920 can be used to shut off a gas valve in the event of a leak, or operate remote sirens and beacons to alert those nearby of a potential hazard.

Technical Specifications

Mains power                         230V AC 50Hz +/- 10%
12V DC power                    12V DC - 1.2Ah +/- 10%
Current consumption                                           2W
Explosive gas sensor                                    Catalytic
Alarm threshold                                       10% of LEL
Earthquake proof sens   6th degree of Mercalli scale
Functioning temperature                   -10oC to 40oC
Functioning humidity          0 - 90% relative humidity
Degree of protection                                         IP42
Mounting      External wall mount or embedded box
Body mate                          ABS self-extinguishing
Dimensions                                   115 x 150 x 52
Warranty                                                    3 years

Using a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, the GS920 will shut off a gas valve and halt the gas
supply when seismic activity reaches 6 on the Modified Mercalli scale (or 60 - 70cm/s2).
Stopping the gas supply in a building at this time is a valuable, and potentially life-saving,
exercise. Ruptured pipework due to buildings shifting can cause undetected leaks and an
increased risk of explosion. A further relay on the unit is pre-set to actuate at 10% LEL of
either methane or LPG. This relay can break the electrical supply to a gas valve, or make a
connection to an external warning device such as an audible alarm, flashing beacon etc.

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