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Bringing you the Danfoss 2 & 3 way flanged lift & lay valves.

Posted on: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

VF2 and VF3 valves provide a quality, cost
effective solution for most water and chilled
applications. Before valve mounting, the pipes have to be cleaned and free from abrasion. Valve must be mounted according to flow direction as indicated on valve body. Mechanical loads of the valve body caused by the pipes are not allowed. Valves should be free of vibrations as well.

• New LARGER Sizes.
• Bubble tight design DN65 - 300
• Snap mechanical connection together  with AMV(E) 335, AMV(E) 435
• Dedicated 2 and 3-port valve
• Suitable for diverting applications (3-port)

The valves are designed to be combined with following actuators:

Use with AMV/AME 435 or AMV/AME 438 for valve sizes up to 80mm
Use with AMV/AME 55 for valve size 100mm
Use with AMV/AME 85 for valve size 125 - 150mm
Use with AMV 655 / AME 855 for valve size 200 - 300mm

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Please refer to manufacturers documentation for
full safety specification and correct fitting.