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Fuji Frenic range of H.V.A.C. IP55 & IP21 drives

Posted on: Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fuji Frenic range of H.V.A.C. IP55 & IP21 drives ( IP21 version also suitable for wall mounting or stand alone in a dry / clean environment ). 50% of energy consumption in office buildings is related to air conditioning. The Frenic H.V.A.C. series is the dedicated inverter for H.V.A.C. that features functions and performances which offer the optimal thermal environment for the people working in the building by keeping the energy consumption in various devices (compressor, condenser, water pump, AHU and others) to the minimum.  Fuji Electric contributes largely to global environment by realizing carbon dioxide reduction with energy saving by the inverter.

We have received very good feedback from our sales of the new Fuji FRN series HVAC drives which have now proven to be very popular.

Frank in Telford says
“I love the keypad
set up”.

Trevor from Liverpool
told us “Fire mode is
a great feature for
my particular

Laurance in
Newcastle says
“Changing to the Fuji drive was a no
brainer with that
price and quality”.

Geoff from Dagenham
called to tell us 
“The 5 year warranty
is a definite

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